Academic program

Palo Alto Software is a proud partner with the academic community. As part of our commitment to helping people succeed in business, we are eager to support educational activities in business planning, marketing planning, and entrepreneurship in general.

For faculty

Free curriculum

Looking for a proven curriculum and class materials to teach entrepreneurship at your community college, SBDC, or other educational institution? Start your class with Start, Run & Grow Your Business, a complete college-level course in entrepreneurship based on business planning expert Tim Berry's popular BA410 course at the University of Oregon. Click here more for information or to apply for instructor access.

Evaluation software

We provide complimentary copies of our software to educators so that you can evaluate and best determine how to incorporate it into your classroom. Request evaluation software to see if it is right for your classes.

Computer lab licenses

Install the software in a lab setting. The computer lab license will allow the use of up to 30 licenses in one location, giving all your students access to the software without requiring each one to purchase their own license. Learn more about computer lab licenses.

Teaching Resources

From sample plans to business planning articles and blogs, Palo Alto Software aims to provide educators and instructors with tools to help teach students to write high quality business plans and marketing plans. Check out our Faculty Resources page

For students

Business Plan Pro Academic Edition
Student price: $49.95 (Standard
Edition) or $89.95 (Premier Edition)

Business Plan Pro — the world's most popular business plan software — is available in a special academic edition. For half the price of the retail edition, you get the full set of features with only a couple of limitations that make it more appropriate for educational use. Click here for more information about Business Plan Pro Academic Edition.

Marketing Plan Pro Academic Edition
Student price: $79.95

Our marketing plan software is now available in an academic edition. The academic edition includes 70+ sample marketing plans and makes it easy to learn the planning process and produce a complete marketing plan. Click here for more information about Marketing Plan Pro Academic Edition.

Learning Resources

We maintain a host of resources for students of business and business planning to find information to help them meet their goals. From a collection of over 500 sample plans available for viewing online to articles and videos that break down the more difficult parts of the planning process, we've got a ton of information to guide you. Check out our Student Resources page for more details.

Competition resources

Looking for sponsors?

Palo Alto Software sponsors dozens of business plan competitions each year. In addition, we provide free software to competition participants and provide a number of other valuable resources to assist teams in writing a better and winning plan.

Make a winning pitch

Want to impress the judges with a great business plan? We've got lots of free advice and tools that can help.