Investors in Your Backyard

Investors in Your Backyard

By Asheesh Advani

Everything you need to create a compelling deal! Your business is your future, whether you're starting up or expanding — but banks and other lending institutions aren't willing to invest in your "unproven" venture. The solution? Friends, family and private investors.

About this book

With Investors in Your Backyard, you get the information, documents and calculators you need to create a solid agreement that works for everyone. Let it take you through the entire process of raising business capital -- from developing and pitching a financing plan, to signing the paperwork.

The included CD-ROM provides:

  • A loan request letter
  • Promissory notes
  • Letters of intent
  • Stock purchase agreement
  • Loan repayment calculators
  • And more!

This innovative book is written by Asheesh Advani, whose proven methods for raising business capital have made him a pioneer in small business financing. His company, CircleLending, has set up and managed loans between thousands of relatives, friends and business associates nationwide.

Table of contents for Investors in Your Backyard:

Chapter 1: Getting the Most From This Book

  • Who Can Access This Kind of Financing
  • Deciding Which Parts of This Book to Read

Chapter 2: Readying Your Business to Attract Private Financing

  • Financing Options for Your Start-Up Business
  • How Your Business's Legal Structure Can Advance—or Hold Back—Your Fundraising

Chapter 3: What's in It for Both Entrepreneur and Investor?

  • What's in It for You, the Entrepreneur?
  • What's in It for Your Investor?
  • Mixing Money and Relationships Can Work

Chapter 4: Your Financing Choices: Gifts, Loans, and Equity Investments

  • Basic Setup and Handling of a Gift
  • Basic Setup and Handling of a Loan
  • Basic Setup and Handling of an Equity Investment
  • Choosing Between Loan and Equity Capital
  • Tax Implications of Your Choice of Capital

Chapter 5: Deciding Who to Ask for Money

  • Developing Your List of Prospects
  • Evaluating Each Prospect

Chapter 6: Preparing Your Business Plan and Your Fundraising Request

  • Preparing Your Business Plan
  • Calculating the Amount of Your Request
  • Dividing Up Your Request Among Prospects

Chapter 7: Developing Your Loan Request

  • Deciding Your Loan Terms
  • Drafting Your Loan Request Letter

Chapter 8: Making the "Kitchen Table Pitch"

  • Planning How You'll Approach Your Prospective Lender
  • Making a Compelling Pitch
  • Handling Hesitancy and Concerns
  • After Your Prospect Says "Yes" (or "Maybe")
  • After Your Prospect Says "No"

Chapter 9: Seeking Equity Capital

  • Where to Look for an Equity Investor
  • How to Ask for Equity Capital
  • Additional Steps That Professional Equity Investors May Request

Chapter 10: The Final Agreement and Money Transfer

  • Why Documentation Is Important
  • Preparing a Gift Letter
  • Formalizing a Loan With a Promissory Note
  • Participating in the Preparation of the Stock Purchase Agreement
  • How to Close the Deal

Chapter 11: Your Ongoing Relationship With the People Who Financed You

  • Communicating Your Progress
  • If You Received Loan Capital
  • If You Received Equity Investments

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