Marketing Without Advertising

By Michael Phillips and Salli Rasberry

This book illustrates high impact, low cost marketing strategies that all small business owners can benefit from. Use the ideas in this book to inspire your customers to rave about your business and create lasting success. The suggestions in this book are no secret. Instead of spending a small fortune on advertising, it's far better to spend the same money improving your business and caring for your customers. Buy your copy today, start wowing your customers, and let them advertise your business for you!

Marketing Without Advertising teaches small business owners practical strategies to:

  • Attract new customers and build trust
  • Encourage customer recommendations
  • Improve customer service and turn even dissatisfied customers into active supporters of the business
  • List products and services widely and inexpensively
  • Plan marketing events that will keep customers involved
  • Use the Internet to market services and products

This essential book will help you market your business with common sense, not piles of cents.

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