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Better business management

"A business plan is a living document that you have to incorporate, every day, into your business. It makes it a lot easier using Business Plan Pro."
Jim Glasgow, Founder - Sick Gear
Business Plan Pro Management Dashboard

Your plan as a management tool Premier only

The management dashboard in the Premier Edition of Business Plan Pro gives you a quick visual overview of how your plan is living up to real-world results. To get the most from the dashboard, enter or import your actual data for sales, cost of sales, expenses, and milestones. The software will automatically compare your current results to your plan and highlight any variances.

Business Plan Pro Chart

Follow up with plan versus actual comparison Premier only

The plan vs. actual feature in the Premier Edition of Business Plan Pro adds 12 more charts to help you visually track your actual numbers and your variance analysis. Quickly analyze where your real results vary from your original plan.

Business Plan Pro Cash Planning Chart

Visually track your cash flow Premier only

The dynamic capabilities of the Cash Pilot allow you to adjust key numbers on the fly to easily see how your cash flow is affected by changes in your plan. Want to hire a new employee? How will this affect your overall cash flow? Easily see your cash needs with this advanced feature, available in the Premier Edition.

Custom Business Plan

Custom templates for multiple plans Premier only

Create a custom business plan outline, add your own tables and standardized text, and then save the result as a new business plan template to share with other Business Plan Pro users. A custom template gives your team a standard format for creating future plans for your company.


Multi-year planning made easy Premier only

Keeping your business plan alive through regular review and course correction is a key benefit of the Premier Edition. The annual rollover process makes it easy to save past years' business plans for reference and lessons-learned analysis. The rolled forward information shows up in your new plan as last year's data, so you have everything you need to start forecasting based on your past performance.

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