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"It is an easy-to-use software package with strong supporting resources, and covers all of the necessary components of a well-developed business plan." Pete Dwyer

Real-world financial data

Business Plan Pro leverages more than 9,000 different industry profiles to give you insight into how your business compares against similar companies in your industry. The most recent data from your industry gets pulled right into your plan, so you can show investors that your numbers are on target, or explain where they differ.

Legal Business Plan Info

Answers to your legal questions

There are plenty of legal issues you have to think about when you're starting up a business. Business Plan Pro includes resources to help you navigate the legal waters, from "Trademark Basics for Naming Your Small Business" to a the Nolo Small Business Law Center, you'll find answers to most of your legal questions.

Business Planning Resources

Special offers on services you need

The Resources section of Business Plan Pro contains discounts, free offers, and tons of information that will help you to put together a complete, accurate business plan. Get demographic information and consumer data, and plan for hiring employees. Save money on a website or logo. Learn more about marketing in the included ebook. Find sources for other information or services that you need to start and run your business.

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Research your funding options

You could scour the Internet for a week and not find all the information we've amassed in our Venture Capital database. Over 1,200 profiles of venture capital firms worldwide are included. The database is searchable, so you can look for firms by business type, funding stage, location, or funding need.

Market Research

Unlock your market potential

Need help finding your true target market? Use the market analysis wizard built into Business Plan Pro to walk you through the process. Discover your core target market by figuring out who you want to reach, how many of them there are, and plugging in estimated growth rates. With the market analysis wizard you'll unlock your true market potential.

Business Plan books

Required reading for business planning

The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan by Tim Berry

Every purchase of Business Plan Pro includes the e-book edition of The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan. In this new book from Entrepreneur Press, celebrated planning expert Tim Berry describes his no-nonsense approach to business planning for small and growing businesses.

Hurdle: The Book on Business Planning by Tim Berry

Also included with Business Plan Pro is the e-book edition of Tim Berry's classic business planning guide. Hurdle is a practical, step-by-step guide to developing a business plan. Emphasizing real business plans that focus on concrete and measurable results, Berry's book covers all the basics including what to include in a plan, where to find information, and an excellent simple guide to business numbers that stands out for its explanation of cash flow.

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