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Business Plan Pro

Business Plan Pro has been rewritten from the ground up to take advantage of new technologies. A more visual interface and tools make your planning and follow-up faster and more intuitive.

Celebrating 15 years

The new 15th Anniversary Edition celebrates Business Plan Pro's decade and a half of market leadership and growing, vibrant user community of over 1 million successful entrepreneurs.

New "Keep it Simple" option

Our new Plan Setup gets you started on your plan fast. Answer a few simple question and you're off. A new "keep it simple" outline option creates a plan that you can literally complete in hours. You can also complete a more detailed plan.

Easier, faster financials

A new user interface for working on financial tables makes it easy to switch between our popular Table Wizards and the spreadsheets that lie underneath. We integrated the Table Review into the process to help you complete your financials faster.

One-click chart changes

Our new chart editors makes it easy to produce beautiful 3D color charts that print with your plan. New controls for making the charts yours make it easy to create a custom plan that meets your specific needs.

Publish your way

We've built features into Business Plan Pro 11 that make it easier than ever to customize the way your plan prints. Unique color palettes for your charts, our new chart editor, and section level control over your headers and footers and printing options make it easy to fine-tune the print job to meet your needs.

Support for plans in Spanish

Business Plan Pro 11 makes it easy to publish a plan in Spanish. The Plan Setup can change your financial tables and plan outline from English to Spanish and back again. Great for English-speaking users that want to publish a plan in Spanish.

Certified for Windows 7

Business Plan Pro is certified for the latest Microsoft operating systems, including Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000.

Integrated Management Dashboard Premier only

If you need a bird's-eye view of your business, your plan, and your progress toward your goals, Version 11's new integrated dashboard has the tools you need. Check your actual sales compared to your goals and ensure that spending is in line with your budget. Quickly manage your company goals and objectives and easily export everything to PowerPoint for an executive presentation.

What-if scenarios for cash flow Premier only

What happens if your customers start paying you net-60 instead of net-30? How will keeping more inventory on hand impact your cash flow? Business Plan Pro’s Cash Pilot tool allows you to quickly run different scenarios and immediately see the impact on your cash flow so you can manage your business better.

Speed up your annual planning Premier only

For the first time, Business Plan Pro now includes an easy way to update your business plan for a new year without losing your original data. The Archive and Roll Forward feature essentially makes a copy of your current plan, archives it for safekeeping, and then takes steps to prepare the existing plan for a new planning year. A good business plan is a current business plan!

New progress-tracking feature

The Tasks list guides you through your plan and it's central to everything you do in Business Plan Pro. New progress-tracking feature makes it easy to see where you're at and keeps you focused and on track.


The new makes it easy to publish a high-fidelity copy of your plan to the Internet to share with investors, partners, colleagues, family, whomever you choose. Now, a copy of your plan is also stored on for safe keeping. You control who sees your plan. A new feature lets your readers comment on your plan online.

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