Special features for social enterprises

The Social Enterprise Edition of Business Plan Pro is designed to match the unique requirements of non-profit organizations. Registered non-profits are also eligible for special low pricing.

Business plan outline for social enterprise organizations

The EasyPlan Wizard in Business Plan Pro makes it a snap to get started on your business plan. Simply answer yes or no questions to create your plan based on a custom outline for social enterprises.

Sample business plans for non-profits

Don't worry about writer's block. Just select one of our social enterprise plan examples to help you plan your successful venture.

Profit and loss screenshot

Achieve your mission with greater confidence

Plan income-generating ventures that will feed revenue back to the parent non-profit in support of its charitable mission. Stop depending on grants and other contributed income that leaves many non-profits vulnerable and unable to achieve their mission efficiently.

Social return on investment

The Social Enterprise Edition provides a means of measuring the social benefits of your business in broad economic or detailed financial terms.

Expert analysis

The automated plan review double-checks all of your numbers to ensure an error-free business plan. It also helps determine areas for improvement in your plan. This dynamic and unique tool highlights key sections of your plan that may need additional work as it checks to see that you have realistic growth rates, a solid break-even analysis, manageable cash flow projections, and more.

Help and support on demand

Help and support is just a click away. Every topic and table offers complete instructions and one-click examples whenever you need them. No other software offers this level of assistance as you create your plan.

Wherever and whenever you need help, the EasyPlan Wizard® offers instructions and examples throughout the creation of your business plan. Paste examples directly into your plan to use as a starting point. Editing text is easy with all standard word processing functions included such as spell checker and thesaurus. Technical support is available by phone and email.