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  • Support your business planning with research data
  • Accurate financial comparisons for your industry
  • Impress banks and investors with real-world market data
  • Determine what your business is worth
  • Access five years of financial statements

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Better data for better decisions

This data will help convince bankers and investors that you understand your industry, your local business conditions, and your realistic profit/growth opportunities.

Here are three great reasons to invest in market research:

  1. Create a stronger business plan with compelling, accurate financial comparisons for your industry.
  2. Impress lenders and investors to improve your chances when applying for loans, opening new accounts, or working to fund your business.
  3. Understand your competition by seeing how other local companies in your industry are doing financially.

Choose your level of detail

Our reports are available for nearly 1,000 industry-specific SIC codes. Depending on the volume of data available, you may even be able to zero in on a particular sales range.

National, State, or County

You can also limit the scope to match your geographic focus. We have reports at the U.S. national, state, and county levels. (Sorry, we do not have international reports.)

At the county level, more than 3,000 U.S. counties are currently represented.

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