The new Marketing Plan Pro is simple, practical marketing plan software that makes it easy to plan marketing activities to grow your business.

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Guidance to grow your business

Need help growing your business in a hurry? Get step-by-step advice from John Jantsch, creator of the proven Duct Tape Marketing system, to build your action plan.

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Powered by Duct Tape Marketing

The award-winning Duct Tape Marketing method is built into the new Marketing Plan Pro. Just follow the process to create a fast, results-oriented marketing plan.

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Recommended by the experts

Marketing Plan Pro is the top choice of marketing experts and businesses alike. See what Forbes,, Entrepreneur, and everyday users have to say about it.

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Create your plan in 30 minutes

Marketing Plan Pro is the fastest, easiest way to write a marketing plan. Get started on the action phase of your plan in as little as 30 minutes, then add detail as you go.

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Focus on action, not words

Follow the Duct Tape Marketing process to create a concrete action plan that will get immediate results for your business. Don't just plan it — do it!

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Free Duct Tape book included

Get a free copy of John Jantsch's Duct Tape Marketing book (a $14.99 value) plus other valuable extras. Note that the book is not available with download-only orders.

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Simplifies the process of building supporting documentation for your marketing agenda. &mdash Marketing Plan Pro will deliver all the professional documents that you need to plan your launch. &mdash