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The latest release of Marketing Plan Pro includes everything you need to create a complete, action-ready marketing plan using the Duct Tape Marketing process.

Powered by Duct Tape Marketing

For the new Marketing Plan Pro, we collaborated for the first time with John Jantsch, the renowned small business marketing expert and creator of the Duct Tape Marketing® system.

Duct Tape Marketing

Jantsch's system was called the "World's Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide" and has been praised by experts like Entrepreneur Magazine and Harvard Business School.

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Easily forecast sales and expenses

Marketing Plan Pro helps you create a solid strategy and generate numbers and action items to help you make your strategy real. John Jantsch and his network of Duct Tape Marketing coaches have helped thousands of small business owners grow their businesses with a proven step-by-step system. Now, following those steps with Marketing Plan Pro couldn't be easier.

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Works with Business Plan Pro

Marketing Plan Pro was designed from the ground up to work with Business Plan Pro. Use the product on its own, or use it in conjunction with Business Plan Pro.

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Step-by-step expert guidance

Whether this is your first plan or your 50th, Marketing Plan Pro Powered by Duct Tape Marketing makes the process fast and easy with clear, simple tasks and built-in help.

Each section starts with a plain-spoken audio introduction by John Jantsch and an explanation of what you'll be working on.

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Present and publish

Marketing Plan Pro uses a format that is recognized by the top marketing experts. Philip Kotler, author of Marketing Management, the decade's most prestigious marketing book, recommends Marketing Plan Pro as the preferred software choice to create a marketing plan.

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Create an action plan that gets results

Many business owners fall prey to the "marketing idea of the week" and never seem to produce any significant marketing results. Duct Tape Marketing is the first small-business marketing program that treats marketing as an integrated system.

At the core of the system is a series of steps that any business, regardless of size, can use to produce stunning returns from a consistent marketing effort:

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Marketing Plan Pro

Create an action-oriented marketing plan to grow your business!

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