Marketing Plan Pro reviews and testimonials

Marketing Plan Pro and the Duct Tape Marketing system that powers it come highly recommended by Entrepreneur Magazine, BusinessWeek, PC World, and more.

Duct Tape Marketing reviews

"Business blogger John Jantsch, a Kansas City marketing consultant, has built quite a following with his Duct Tape Marketing site. The blog provides small-business readers with successful marketing techniques that don't require a large budget to execute."

— Harvard Business School

Voted a Forbes Favorite for small business and marketing:

"Clever marketing ideas galore and lots of contrarian thinking on what works and what doesn't."

— Forbes Magazine

Duct Tape Marketing testimonials

"I'm dizzy with optimism after spending the past two hours scouring the Duct Tape Marketing site. What a gold mine. You've saved me a lot of time and effort by combining so many good things on one site: tons of ideas, blogs, newsletters, meetings, resources, referrals, you name it."

— Larry Blow,
Transrapid International USA

"I have read your book and I am impressed with the 'hands on' approaches you use. Having taught marketing at the MBA level I appreciate your book for getting past the theoretical approaches that are so commonly used."

— Thomas Lowther, Senior Director
American Institute of Architects

Marketing Plan Pro reviews

"Why reinvent the wheel? If you're going to market with a new product or service, Marketing Plan Pro will deliver all the professional documents you need to plan your launch."


"Marketing Plan Pro simplifies the process of building supporting documentation for your marketing agenda. Charts, tables, and the plan's format help you to visualize methods for attaining your goal."


"Practical and easy to use — This is not your corporate marketing plan. It is intuitive and uses your natural entrepreneurial thinking. This makes it very easy and quick to fill out."


"For business owners and marketing managers, this product is the simplest way to create a marketing plan that will improve the profitability, awareness and long-term stability of your business."

— Accounting Today

"Marketing Plan Pro is the most comprehensive, easy to understand marketing plan method / software combination I have come across. A+ for user friendliness and usefulness!"


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Marketing Plan Pro testimonials

"I love the perspective you've added to this software. It's new, simple, convincing and, most of all, fun. I've been working on marketing for the last 15 years and I can tell you that the classic way of developing a marketing plan is really bore."

— Javier G Longo

"I was impressed with the Marketing Plan Pro software. I'm a student at UNM and used it to write a marketing plan for my Marketing Management class, and found it extremely useful."

— Jessica Sanchez

"I am a Marketing Consultant. A great product that has increased my productivity very significantly. Very highly recommended."

— Brendon Sinclair

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, You can count on me to highly recommend your services to whomever needs assistance on putting a marketing plan together. You really helped me out!"

— Grace Powell

“I have purchased Business Plan Pro and Marketing Plan Pro. I have just started the learning process. The format in which both programs are presented is very easy to work with. My compliments to Tim and the team at Palo Alto!”

— Ray Sacks

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"What's great about the 30 minute marketing plan is that your effort is never wasted. You can quickly gather your thoughts and ideas in Marketing Plan Pro, and then flesh out the details when you're ready. Marketing concepts are easy to understand because Marketing Plan Pro comes with built-in support from Duct Tape Marketing. Marketing planning doesn't get any easier than this!

My clients are working with me, so they're not the do-it-yourself type of client. So I'd say they don't necessarily feel like 'I can do it!' but rather, 'Whew. This is organized. It's real. It's going to happen.
Our vision is in writing. Now all we have to
worry about is the execution. We can do that!'"